I Have Countless Legendary Swords Bahasa Indonesia

I Have Countless Legendary Swords, Wǒ Yǒu Wú Shù Shén Jiàn, 我有无数神剑
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After reincarnating as Zhou Xuanji, the prince of an empire, he thought that he would be able to live a worry-free life of luxury. He did not expect to be involved in a feud that forced him to escape from the palace, then he awakened the supreme legendary sword system. The system was actually a cheat program developed by him in his previous life, with the powers of this system he set out to cultivate to become stronger to avenge his mother’s death.Original Webcomic:AC.QQ, BiliBili Manhua, KuaiKan Manhua

Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2021
Author 阅文漫画
Artist 阅文漫画
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Chapter I Have Countless Legendary Swords